One of the best Realtors in Beverly

We have worked with Deb Terlik since 2006 selling and buying two homes. This past year we were presented with an opportunity (albeit a complicated one) to divide property we were living on to sell the land separately from the house. The deal was finalized this past December and we will move into our next house this spring.

Throughout the process Deb was committed, professional, and supportive, simplifying a most difficult transition. She was tireless, responsive to our questions and concerns, continually anticipating our needs. She used her extensive network of tradespeople (which she built over many years)for nearly all aspects of this deal including painting, cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, gutters, trash removal, etc. She has established countless relationships with local tradesmen who promptly respond to her requests, ensuring all completed work is done within the project budget. She understands the details both large and small.

On a more personal note, my husband and I work in jobs where it is difficult to be available during the daytime. Deb arranged for the work to happen, monitored the painters, or window washers by letting them into the house, then she closed the house up when the work was completed for the day. We also have 3 dogs that Deb took the time to become familiar with by learning their commands and when to give treats. She was successful in reducing their anxiety with an increased number of people in and out of the house.

We consider Deb to be one of (if not the) best realtors in Beverly, but more importantly, she’s a great friend whom we continually recommend to our friends. We truly can’t imagine a project that Deb can’t complete and so can highly recommend her to any of her prospective clients.

— S. Clerkin & R. Pape , Clients