Deb is a true pro and someone we trust

Dear Deb:

Jeanne and I want to formally say “thank you” for your assistance in both of the real estate transactions we were involved in last year. Suffice it to say that it was an eventful several months, and we could not be more satisfied with how you handled everything!

It’s not often one becomes completely trusting of another individual who is trying to “sell” them something. But you won our confidence immediately. You didn’t attempt to push us, nor did you try to oversell — the home and the neighborhood we bought into has been everything you said it would be. You conducted yourself so professionally, that we did what some may find inconceivable. We immediately hired you to sell our other home!!

There is something about you, Deb, that instills confidence. You’re a true pro, a hard worker and, you are a truly good person. Your advice was always spot on and you took our input to heart. We just knew right away you were the Realtor for us, and we had only known you for a few days. We could have chosen any number of real estate agents whom we know, but it was you we trusted and you who proved us right!

Jeanne and I want to let you know how much we love our new house! We are so happy here and very pleased to have sold our other home at such satisfactory terms.

We wish you nothing but the best, both personally and professionally. We will always recommend you to those we know who are either buying or selling real estate because we know you will make us look like geniuses!

— J. Muse & J. Pare , Buyer & Seller Client